Besides the Machu Picchu there exists another phenomenon between the Andean mesas and glaciers – cataracts, eye cancer and structural migration of indigenous tribes to the cities and valleys.

The operational area stretches from the Peruvian Cusco area, via Chile to the romantic and wild Patagonian landscapes. Our South America base will be in Lima, the capital of Peru and home to an international airport. From there we take a camper to the Altiplano area, where we will be distributing a portion of our sunglasses to the Aymara tribe – an indigenous population located in the triangle region of Bolivia, Chile and Peru. They live in about 4.500 meters in the Atacama desert. As soon as roads become more remote and less travelled, as in Patagonia for example, we will switch to our notorious mean of transport – the motorbike. On the road we will distribute more sunglasses on the fields and in schools.

While ensuring health and prevention of dwindling cultures we will work with a film team and photographers to supply our corporate partners with marketing material and to enhance media awareness.

We at Shades Of Love strive to cover all those in need for eye protection, therefor it was a logical step to expand the operation from the Himalaya to the
Andes – home to adventure, ever-changing climate and brutal conditions.

Shades Of Love - Photo Among Condors