We bring sunglasses to the top of the world.
Among the planet’s highest summits people do not have access to eye protection or treatment.
However, 80% suffer from eye diseases, or eye cancer, due to the harsh UV-radiation and the gaping hole in the ozone layer. Locals are increasingly becoming unable to work in the fields, hence the subsistence economy suffers dramatically. Consequently, unique indigenous tribes and communities are forced to resettle in the valleys and cities. Incredible costums, folks and cultures are going extinct.  It is fair to say that
​Shades Of Love preserves health, culture and sustainability in the massive and gnarly region of :

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Ladakh – “Land of the high passes” is a remote region of the Indian province Jammu and Kashmir. It borders the Chinese Xinjiang province, Pakistan and Tibet. Due to its cultural similarities it is also often being referred to as “Little Tibet”. In average the 300.000 people here live in 3.800 meters above the sea level. It is the destination for many of our donations. The destination of a long journey, process and effort.

After having shipped all of the donations from all over the world to our storage hall in New Delhi we prepare our Royal Enfield motorbike and bring the sunglasses directly to the small villages, schools and fields.

Together with a non-profit organization of the Dalai Lama, “The Tibetan Health Care Center” in Choglamsar, we also conduct clinical eye operations on the ground to not only prevent, but also correct the problem of eye diseases and eye cancer in the most remote regions of this world.

Ladakh was our first region of action and the starting point for a global expansion. In Nepal for example we are currently working with the “Tilganga Institute” to set up a new Himalayan network in Nepal. Their department of Ophtamology set up the Nepal-Eye-Program and offers free treatment and operations to those in need.

​Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan are planned to be developed by 2018/19.

Shades Of Love - Photo of Eye Surgery